Outputs and Results

Provide a brief introduction to your project outputs (products and service) and their intended result.


The purpose of the Techno Economic Assessment (TEA) tool is to enable end-users interested in hydrogen supply-chain development for the benefit of the public infrastructure domain and beyond to work on hydrogen techno economic assessments in a consistent and transparent way. The TEA tool will assist in:

• Evaluating the economic feasibility of best practice projects identified;

• Investigating cash flows (e.g. financing problems) over the lifetime of a hydrogen project;

• Evaluate the likelihood of different technology scales and applications

• Comparing the economic quality of different technology applications providing the same service.

HUB Model

The Hydrogen Utilization Business (HUB) Model model will contain generic scenarios, implications and guidance for creation of hydrogen business models for product and service development as well as outlining relevant management tools and knowledge to orchestrate the hydrogen business ecosystem.


The HTT Hub will be a virtual space hosted on the HTT Platform, where end-users can reach out to stakeholders and entrepreneurs for support, knowledge and realization of project ideas. It will be created alongside the project’s website and advertised in all HUGE events and activities.


The HOT (Hydrogen Operational Technical (HOT) Service (comprising of the HUB, TEA and HTT) will be a transboundary service allowing communities a full economic utilisation of the plentiful renewable natural resources surrounding them.